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valentine's day

surprise someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day with these ideas that are as easy and affordable as they are decadent



Getting flowers? Take it
to the next level decadent level
adding romatic chocolate

What you need:

1 Pint strawberries

Dolci Frutta Chocolate and White Chocolate Shell

Wooden skewers

Waxed paper

1 Dozen roses and a vase

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Heat Dolci Frutta and Dolci Frutta White Chocolate.

2. Place a skewer into the hull (leafy side) of a strawberry and use the skewer to dip the strawberry into the Dolci Frutta. Gently shake off any excess chocolate and with a slight turn of the wrist, turn the strawberry upside down to let the chocolate dry before placing on waxed paper. Repeat.

3. Fill a vase with roses and mix in the dipped strawberry skewers to create a beautiful and decadent bouquet.



Say “I love you” with dipped cherries and romantic rose petals.

What you need:

Ripe cherries with stems

Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell

Waxed paper

Rose petals (typically found at your local florist)

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Heat Dolci Frutta

2. Hold cherry by stem, dip it into the Dolci Frutta and gently remove. Place dipped cherry on waxed paper to dry. Repeat.

3. Lay rose petals on plate or hard surface. Place the dipped cherries on the petals (1-2 per petal). Voila! You now have a decadent and romantic treat!



Perfect for valentines, galentines, family and friends.

What you need:

Pretzel rods

Dolci Frutta White Chocolate

Waxed paper

Pink and red sprinkles

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Heat Dolci Frutta White Chocolate

2. Dip pretzel rod in Dolci Frutta, swirl and slowly remove, gently shaking off any excess chocolate.

3. Hold pretzel rod over waxed paper and sprinkle your Valentine’s Day sprinkles over the chocolate, turning the pretzel rod to get all sides. Place on waxed paper to dry. For added elegance, use a spoon to drizzle a Dolci Frutta white chocolate drizzle over a dry dipped pretzel rod.