Game Day Strawberry Footballs - Dolci Delicious

Game Day

What you need:


1 Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell

1 Dolci Drizzlers White Chocolate

Waxed paper


1. Rinse the strawberries, blot them with a paper towel and set aside. Make sure berries are completely dry before dipping.

2. Melt Dolci Frutta wafers in their microwaveable container at ½ power. Stir at 30-second intervals during microwaving until Dilci Frutta is fully melted and smooth – about 2 minutes. IMPORTANT: melted wafers retain their shape until stirred. DO NOT boil or overheat! Chocolate should only be about 105°F (just warm to the touch) for good dipping consistency.

3. Pick up a strawberry, holding it by the stem, or place a toothpick into the hull. Dip the strawberry into the Dolci Frutta container. After dipping, gently shake the chocolate-coated strawberry to remove excess chocolate. With a twist of the wrist, turn the strawberry upside down and hold for a moment before placing on waxed paper to dry. Repeat with all remaining strawberries.

4. Heat the Dolci Drizzlers white chocolate.

5. Cut a very small opening in the corner of the Dolci Drizzlers package. Using the Dolci Drizzlers, carefully draw a long, vertical line down the chocolate strawberry and three smaller horizontal lines to create the “football” appearance. For added detail you may use a piping bag.