Berry Bouquet - Dolci Delicious

berry bouquet

Create a beautiful berry bouquet
in minutes with Dolci and a few
other things.

What you need:

1 Pint Wish Farms berries

1 Dolci Frutta Party Kit

Large bag of your favorite candy 1 foam circle

1 small vase



1. Wash strawberries, blot with paper towel and allow to thoroughly air dry. Set a few strawberries aside to place in the bouquet later.

2. Melt Dolci Frutta wafers according to the instructions.

3. Place toothpick into the hull of the berry, dip it about ¾ of the way into the Dolci Frutta. After dipping, gently shake to remove excess chocolate. With a twist of the wrist, turn the chocolate-coated strawberry upside-down and place other end of toothpick in drying rack and let dry.

4. Heat Dolci Drizzlers according to the instructions. Place berries with toothpick on waxed paper, cut small opening in corner of Drizzlers and drizzle chocolate over berries.

5. Fill vase with candy.

6. Place foam circle on top of vase. Insert toothpicks with berries into the foam circle, keeping berries close together. Alternate chocolate-dipped colors and undipped strawberries to create a luscious bouquet.